The Newborn has Arrived….


French Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, confirmed yesterday that he received my Alien Newborn (Alien Resurrection) head sculpt!!!! He’s very pleased with it thank goodness! He will be sending me a selfie or two with it later this week as he is traveling back to Paris currently.

In the mean time, he sent me a few of his books, signed of course  It’s all in French but they are film production books jammed with imagery…I can manage 


Just a quick recap for those that don’t know the details but long story short, Jean-Pierre saw the work I was doing on a 1:18 scale sculpt of the beast he created for Alien: Resurrection (1997, 20th Century Fox) and got hold of me to see if I would be interested in a commission to create one for the upcoming Caro/Jeunet exhibition that will be held in the Musée Cinéma et Miniature in Lyon, France.  This will be a miniature version of the Caro/Jeunet exhibition currently being held in Paris at La Halle Saint-Pierre.  OF COURSE I SAID YES!!!

I am honored for the opportunity to have a small portion of my work be on display in such a wonderful venue.  My work in a French museum….yep, that’s a bucket list check mark right there. ❤

More updates as the exhibit approaches.



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