Scary Monster, Silly Walk

Sculpt work

I guess if H.R. Giger’s Alien was to walk into the Minisrty of Silly Walks and ask for a government grant for it’s crab walk, it would be fully funded by Mr. Teabag….sorry, gotta be a fan of Monty Python to get that.

Well, the second of two semi-static posed figures I have completed involves this particular “silly” walk. This version depicts the creature as it appears in the deleted “crab-walker” scene from the 1979 film as Lambert and Parker make a desperate attempt to escape the Nostromo. This deleted scene however was thought comical, “silly” by many, not well executed on film and revealed too much of the creature…reducing it to nothing more than a man in a rubber suit…something Ridley Scott was avoiding by using smoke and shadow.

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When crouched or “crab walking”, the figure is approx. 3″ high from highest point on head to the feet. When standing, the figure is approx. 5.25″ high, still not fully erect as the leg and hip joints limit the full motion (again, this was originally meant to be a static posed figure).


Fortunately I was able to add several articulation points to the figure: Ball jointed neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. Vacuum formed PETG dome is removable. The tail is static but is attached using a revoltech joint and can be switched out with a longer tail option.


Original was sculpted using Aves FIXIT sculpt, a two part epoxy. Parts were cast in resin and assembled to build this version. Used Model Masters Polly Scale and Tamiya acrylics.

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